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Staying slim can be learnt - eating correctly too!

Imagine being able to eat enough of really savoury food yet lose weight and stay slim! It is, in fact, not only possible but also a proven fact with Vitalyse! It’s time to say goodbye to a career of dieting. No more slimming pills, no diet drinks, no substitute meals, no wonder drugs, no more fighting your weight.

Hello to sustainable slimness with simply normal nutritious everyday foodstuff. Losing weight is not the real problem – it all lies in the ability, not just the knowledge, of eating correctly and that is the key to well being.

All it takes is a slight change of mind-set to alter your eating habits sustainably and you’ll never face weight problems again. This is guaranteed to improve your quality of life and your feelings of well being permanently.

The Vitalyse Programme in a nutshell:

• Three phase principle – weight loss, stabilisation,
• Regular and personalised individual consultations
  and controls
• No complicated nutrition rules – your nutrition
  programme can be comfor- tably fit into your  
  everyday family and business life.
• Well-rounded, balanced nutrition that is tailor-made
  for your body
• No hunger pangs, no bad moods, no sacrifices, no
• Promotes better eating habits and  improves your
  medical values
• Consideration of your individual needs and your
• On-going support prevents the „yo-yo effect“

The Vitalise three phase principle

A Nutrition Program Tailor-Made to your Needs and Lifestyle

The simple, effective and easy-to-follow Vitalyse method provides you with a roadmap to changing your eating habits sustainably with professional, personalised consultations and individual and motivational coaching that is unique in Basel!

And you can expect an average weight loss of 0.8 Kg per week!

Vitalyse Your Life!

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